What is Cycling Out Child Poverty?

Cycling Out Child Poverty is coming to a neighborhood near you!  The recent outbreak of Coronavirus has meant that we had to change our venue from Vietnam to your area. That means that more people can participate! This event is an awareness and fund raising campaign to bring to the forefront the complex issues of poverty, and its long-term impact on children in Vietnam. Children of Vietnam’s goal is $175,000. Funds raised will change SO MANY LIVES of children who are living and struggling with the effects of poverty on a daily basis.


Who participates in the Event?

YOU! This event is very participatory, and we are using THIS platform to encourage friends, families, and colleagues to either join as cyclists or donate to sponsor our cyclists and ultimately assist some very vulnerable children to have a brighter future.  We have many teams all over the U.S. riding to raise awareness and funds for children living in poverty in Vietnam. 

YOU can also start a TEAM of riders where YOU live to raise money and awareness for the children living in poverty in Vietnam.  All you have to sign up under the TEAM portion on this website.

Why support Children of Vietnam?

Some 30 million people in Vietnam were lifted out of poverty in the past two decades, but new and lingering issues pose challenges for Vietnam. There remain thousands of Vietnamese children who are living in poverty, many facing hunger, inadequate healthcare, homelessness or substandard housing, lack of access to education, and possible trafficking. These children have little hope for a successful future. Children of Vietnam, founded in 1998, works to build bright futures for vulnerable children in Vietnam through educating, healing, sheltering, and nurturing. COV is passionate about the well-being of all vulnerable children each year through its grassroots work.

Your contributions make a big difference to the children and families we are helping. Our programs have lifted children and families out of poverty in the poorest parts of Vietnam. We are building kindergartens with water purification systems. We are helping single mothers start businesses in rural areas so that they can send their children to school. Families with a child with disabilities rely on our Hope System of Care to help these children achieve their maximum potential at home and in school. We provide after-school tutoring and other educational enrichment activities to encourage children to stay in school, graduate, and go on to university.

How can YOU Help?

1. YOU can DONATE to show your support to a participant who has already signed-up or DONATE to the Children of Vietnam page on this site. 



2. YOU can form a TEAM of family, friends, or co-workers. Making a team is very easy, and everyone can participate by Cycling in YOUR neighborhoods, in YOUR college dorms on stationary bikes or do family rides on the weekends.  The important thing isn't WHERE you cycle it is WHY you cycle.

3.YOU can start your own campaign by clicking JOIN THE CAMPAIGN above and encourage others to start their own campaign.

  • Set YOUR goal to $2,500--that is the average amount raised by participants last year. You will be amazed at the support you receive from friends and family!
  • DONATE to YOUR CAMPAIGN--this seems like an easy one but people are more likely to donate to your campaign if you have chipped as well. YOU can donate to show your support to a participant who has already signed up or to the donate Children of Vietnam page on this site.

4. YOU can SHARE Facebook & Twitter updates about the event to show your support. Use hashtag: #cycleoutchildpovertyvietnam Help Cycle Out Child Poverty in Vietnam in 2020!

As a result of COV's programs and YOUR participation in this fundraiser, the cycle of poverty can be broken!  Together, we can lift children out of poverty and build bright futures one child, one family, one community at a time.




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